• Age: 16
  • Country: Spain
  • Exchange duration: 10 weeks

We would go out and dance the night away!

How was your experience with Aventuro Ireland?

My personal experience with Aventuro Ireland has been amazing, since day one, everyone has been so welcoming, they made my exchange go as smoothly as possible.

How has this experience enhanced your family?

The experience has enhanced my family life greatly, I have learned to be away from them for a long period of time. It makes you value them more, it also lets you see how other families live.

How did you rate the matching of the families? Why?

I rate the matching of the families quite well, my family and my exchange family have a lot of things in common which made a big difference. I could tell from the moment I arrived in Spain how much alike the families were.

Did you feel supported while taking part in the exchange?

Yes I felt very, very supported during my exchange. If I ever felt lonely or if they was a problem I could call or skype Sinead or Ximena. Especially Sinead as she understands what it is like and was very helpful during my stay in Spain even in the preparation and then when Belen was here.

What was the best aspect of the exchange?

I think the best aspect of the exchange was experiencing a different lifestyle. The going to school meeting new people and just seeing the world. Life in Spain is so different than life in Ireland from the food to the nights out!!

Tell us about your fondest memory or best experience while on the exchange.

I would say my fondest memories were the nights out with the friends I made. We had such good times. We would go out and dance the night away!

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