Diarmuid and Andoni’s Exchange 🇮🇪🇪🇸
Diarmuid and Andoni are on the first half of their exchange! Andoni has been here since January with Diarmuid and
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Immersion is Best
By far the best results in learn­ing the new lan­guage will be yielded in exchanges, in which nei­ther the host
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The Benefits of an Aventuro Student Exchange
In doing a student exchange with us, you will travel and improve your Spanish, French or German. Living abroad will
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A fathers view of Aventuro Ireland
Having a language exchange pupil has many immediate and long-term benefits. There is the fun that is generated around various
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More Than Just One Page
In a world that is growing smaller due to the continuous advance of technology and social media, these skills cannot
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A Different Point of View
I would encourage travel at all ages, but the earlier the better. When we are young we can better learn
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