Our programmes


Our objective is to support families who want to experience a foreign student exchange with children aged from 8 to 18 from 1 to 6 months. You can make a choice between a summer exchange for up to 2 months during school holidays or combine your exchange with the unique experience of attending a school abroad for up to 6 months.
Our summer and school programs are real two-way exchanges in which children can experience both sides: becoming familiar with life and culture in another country as well as opening their home and hearts to another child in presenting the Irish culture. We believe that a cultural exchange can be an enriching and life-changing experience. We support interested families so that children can continue to take part in this great and memorable experience.

How it works

We pride ourselves on the personal touch. In order to accomplish a well-matched exchange for you, we like to get to know you and your family before the matching, just as our team know all their exchange families abroad personally.

Once you have decided to say yes to this unique adventure of an amazing exchange program, you can find our application form for both children and parents on top of this page under Apply Now. For any questions and further information needed or just for an informal chat, please just give us a call or send us an email. All contact details can be found on our website.

Once the application forms are received by us, we begin to process your application. Where possible, we like to meet all our future exchangers in person or else through a Skype call to gain a more personal impression of your character, expectations and wishes in addition to your application form to make sure we can make the best choice of your exchange match.

We work very closely with our International partners at this stage, we analyse the common interests, core values and principles of the children and characteristics of both families. We compare likes and dislikes and try our best to secure the “wish list” of each participant when making the matches.

When we find what we consider to be the perfect match for you, we will send you a file with both the child and family details and photographs for your consideration. We are available for all and any questions, and often a Skype to myself or my international partners helps at this stage so you can fully understand the new family, the culture and the routine your child will be immersed in.

After that, it’s a joint family Skype, which is great fun! You can discuss the match, the possible travel dates and duration, school information and summer plans, depending on which exchange and how long you are travelling for. After that, it's time to book your flights, ensure your passport and EU travel card are in date and start packing!!! The Aventuro Adventure begins ..........

Summer Exchanges

Our Aventuro Summer Exchanges take place during the Irish summer holidays which for most are June, July and August of each year. From as little as 4 weeks for up to 12 weeks, students can enjoy their summer with a life-changing experience: stepping outside their comfort zone, living in a different country, culture, making international friends, growing into a second family, meeting international siblings and gaining confidence not only in the foreign language but also in yourself.

During our program, you will be part of a new family and share their normal everyday life as well as special occasions: family birthdays, local festivals, public holidays, family visits or trips around the country. Most exchange students will witness a great development in their foreign language fluency, self-consciousness and overall perception of themselves and their new culture. It’s a great opportunity to grow make the best of your summer holidays!

School Exchanges

School exchanges are a great combination of experiencing a new culture in everyday life with a caring new family while attending a new school system with different subjects, classmates and after-school-activities. You will soon notice the differences to your own school while making major progress in language learning and your own independence. Your exchange can last from 1 up to 6 months, depending on the duration and starting date that suits you best – but let us guide you beforehand: the longer you stay, the better. Just ask any of our past adventurers!

Our exchange students come back with an internal bank full of great memories and outstanding experiences, making lifelong friendships and realizing their great language progress. Sometimes they do not realise until they are back in school just how much they have improved! During your school exchange your language skills aren’t the only improvement you’ll notice, but you'll gain in independence and self-consciousness. Each county has their own unique school culture and teaching methods which gives you an insight of what awaits you in 3rd level education. You can also expect to socialise in a completely different manner than in Ireland, and you will have the opportunity to try new sports and skills depending where you live such as; skiing, snowboarding, sailing, hiking, biking, scouting and you will visit many cool tourist sites in your new country with your new family!

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