About us

Sinéad Muldoon lives and works on the West coast of Ireland in county Galway with her four children and has a background in Hospitality and Tourism from the University of Ulster, Magee College, Co Derry. Her Degree is complimented by qualifications in Childhood Studies. She has also studied Community and Family studies at the National University of Ireland in Galway. She has welcomed thousands of international children to Ireland over the past 12 years with her various programs. She has a passion for youth and promoting positive values in all her programmes. She likes to teach the children that one act of kindness a day can have a ripple effect and make the world a better place for us all.

Saoirse Muldoon, is a current final year student at the University of Limerick studying Languages and Economics. She has worked the past 5 years in our International programmes administration as well as with the students as their local coordinator. She studied in France for an academic year aged 16. She has travelled and worked in South America as an English language teacher and spent a semester in University in France in 2017. Her passion is travelling and helping young adventures taking their first steps to become Global citizens.

Aventuro Ireland

We have had over four very busy and exciting years with Aventuro Ireland and have supported hundreds of children in making their dreams a reality and being part of real exchanges, both summer exchanges and school exchanges to France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

As Sinead herself went on an exchange to France at 15 and Saoirse lived and studied in France aged 16 , we both understand from the child and the parents perspective the real challenges and difficulties alongside the unbelievable growth, fun and adventure that are experienced in real exchanges!

We pride ourselves on our personal touch and the more intimate service that is necessary when Irish children and teenagers are leaving home, possibly for the first time, alone! We provide the personal understanding as we have both been there as teenagers too, so we know when to step up and gently support and comfort, if homesickness arises. We also know when to tell parents to relax, when they are not getting daily updates from their children, after all “no news is good news” with teenagers!

Our International Team

Our exchanges involve real team work; we are very lucky and proud of the International team we work along with. Our team has the combined experience of over 50 years of successful matching and supporting international exchanges. We rise to every challenge and we never see anything as a problem, we only concentrate on the solutions while keeping the children’s welfare paramount.

As we host national meetings for Families to come and meet us personally in each country, this gives us an opportunity to meet up several times a year in each country and spend quality time discussing the exchanges and considering any areas in which we can improve and enhance the Aventuro experience.

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