• Age: 16
  • Country: France
  • Exchange duration: 3 weeks

The match between myself and Augustin was perfect.

My experience with Aventuro Ireland was fantastic, I found the exchange great, it was lots of fun and I learned so much! It was nice to have a brother in the family for a while as I only have sisters! The match between myself and Augustin was perfect, so many of our hobbies and interests were the same. I always felt supported by Aventuro, I was always happy to see them calling me! The best aspect for me was to see the difference of how when you arrive over there feeling so nervous about how you’re going to speak to anyone in French at the beginning but when you come back it is hard to get back into speaking English! I was lucky enough to be allowed to go on a scout's camp in France. I spent three weeks last year and this year out in a forest with other people the same age as me. I think this helped me learn much quicker as everyone was quick to teach and help me.

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