Ms Mary Sloyan

Aventuro Ireland has been a very welcome addition to our school. Sinead heads up the team in a very professional, friendly and encouraging manner and is always on hand to answer all questions. She visited the school and held an information evening where she answered all questions posed by parents and students. She spends a lot of time matching families, which I feel is the kernel of the success. Our students were matched with people who shared their interests in Sport, music or just plain ‘hanging out’ but each one of the exchanges was a major success with most students repeating the experience the following summer.

A firm eye was kept on them abroad with terrific Aventuo Ireland partners checking in on them while also monitoring their progress. Our students have loved their experiences abroad and have come back confident and much more interested in the language they study. They are scoring 100 % in oral and aural areas of the course, which in turn boosts their confidence in all subjects.

The cultural experience has also been amazing. Tales of cities, geysers, festivals and food abound. Students have returned home with new perspectives on what it means to be a citizen of the world.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Aventuro Ireland. The personal touches and the interest shown by Aventuro in the exchanges is heartwarming. An opportunity not to be missed!

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