• Age: 16
  • Country: Spain
  • Exchange duration: 2 months

I’ve made friends that will last me a life time

My overall exchange experience was great I found Aventuro was very helpful and were there with me every step of the way. I have really developed as a person, I am more outgoing and more confident in myself. Since the exchange, my family as a whole are more culturally aware and appreciate different ways of life. I feel my Spanish has improved immensely and I can now have fluid conversations with others through Spanish. I felt our families were matched really well, we got on so well and I really felt like part of the family. The best aspect of my exchange was meeting new people, experiencing the way other people live their lives and also learning a new language and living through it, it really opened my eyes as to how other people live and the differences between Ireland and Spain. My fondest memory of my exchange was definitely the first night I went out to a fiesta with all my new friends in Spain and they were all treating me as if I was part of the group, we were dancing and singing around the place having a great time and they were all asking me funny words in English and they were teaching me new Spanish words, it was a really great experience and I’ve made friends that will last me a life time as we have already organized to visit each other next year!

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