Hannah, Rachel's Mum

  • Country: Germany
  • Exchange duration: 6 months

Aventuro Ireland put time and effort into correctly matching the exchange families together. Which meant we have formed strong bonds between our exchange family and ourselves. The exchange experience has exposed us to another culture that we would not have otherwise experienced. It gave us a noisier house for a while, but totally fun-filled! The match was excellent due to the care and attention that was paid to not only the children involved but the whole family matching. The support during the exchange was great, and included visits from the designated liaison person in each country. When our daughter’s grandfather died unexpectedly while she was away, the Aventuro staff in both countries were highly supportive and could not have done more than they did. Our daughter was only 10 years old when she took part in the exchange at her own request. She has come back as a confident young lady, with skills and abilities in language and cultural appreciation. It has broadened her horizons and motivated her to take language learning and linguistics as a potential career choice.

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