• Age: 10
  • Country: Spain

The matching of families was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

How was your experience with Aventuro Ireland?

Amazing! The team were so supportive, always open to talk about anything you are struggling with.

How has this experience enhanced you personally?

I have gained so much more confidence in myself now and it has taught me so much about different cultures, and ways of life.

How has the experience enhanced your family overall?

It helped me to appreciate my family even more and taught me how to live without them which will be important in the future.

Do you feel you have improved linguistically? If so, how?

Definitely, I learned a whole new language! I had no German or Spanish before I left, now I am fluent in both!

How did you rate the matching of the families? Why?

The matching of families was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Because of this I met one of my best friends, Maddy. We are so alike, a truly perfect match.

Did you feel supported while taking part in the exchange?

Absolutely. I kept in contact with Sinead/Helga/Ximena the whole time, they were always there whenever there was a problem (which didn't happen often) so so so supportive.

Write a short description on what the best aspect of the exchange is.

I can barely choose, there are way too many amazing things that came with the exchange! If i had to choose though, i would say the experience of exploring different cultures and travelling was the best!

Tell us about your fondest memory or best experience while on the exchange.

I think the bet part of my exchange was going to Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Austria by car! In Ireland you would have to go overseas to get to a different country!

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