Ms Edel Cunniffe

The immediate benefits of the exchange from a teacher’s perspective are numerous, for example I was giving my LC students a Mock Oral today and all students did well but Tomas stood out a mile after doing a 5 month exchange to France while he was in TY.

I would have no doubt at all he will get an A in his oral exam in his mock and in the actual Oral Exam. When students do an exchange, it gives them more interest and confidence in the language and a lot more awareness of the culture.

From a teacher’s point of view, I would also like to highlight the benefits in comprehension, fluency and accuracy in both oral, aural and written French. It would take so long to teach students in the classroom all that they could learn in just a couple of months exchange programme, for them to actively learn by doing and hearing is a lot more beneficial comparing to the learning that goes on in class.

I have seen first-hand, all the holistic benefits of the students who experience the exchange programme, ie. self-confidence, social skills, problem solving, etc.

I honestly feel when a student does an exchange, its far more than a language experience, it really is a cultural immersion that introduces the student to a love of travelling.

Finally, I would like to highly recommend Aventuro Ireland to anyone who's thinking of doing an exchange, again from a teacher’s point of view when I rang Aventuro Ireland they were so friendly and helpful and it was no problem to them to come out to my school and speak with my students. The ease of the process from flyers being handed out at school, to the parents contacting Aventuro Ireland directly, they are the one stop shop, and provide everything from child leaving Ireland to returning to school. I found Aventuro Ireland to be open, friendly, and they have affordable family friendly rates.

I believe that Aventuro Ireland supports students while raising the linguistic academic profile of the school through a fun immersion travel experience.
Ms E Cunniffe, Teacher at AMC Tuam.

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