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In a world that is growing smaller due to the continuous advance of technology and social media, these skills cannot be underestimated. Many job opportunities in later life have an international element to them – be it travelling abroad to meet clients, working in a foreign country, interacting with people on a global scale – and the cultural sensitivity that is acquired from foreign exchanges and travel, give a marked advantage to people who have experienced them at a young age. Having another language and the skills to learn more is also a huge plus and allows more doors to be opened and more opportunities to be created.

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Having a language exchange pupil has many immediate and long-term benefits. There is the fun that is generated around various words, the different sounds and most of all watching the children trying to explain things using a variety of gestures, sign language and other often hilarious means.

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Immersion is Best

By far the best results in learn­ing the new lan­guage will be yielded in exchanges, in which nei­ther the host fam­ily, nor the teacher speak the children’s native lan­guage.

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