Diarmuid and Andoni are on the first half of their exchange! Andoni has been here since January with Diarmuid and his family in Co.Kildare. He has had loads of new and exciting Irish experiences! This is a little something the boys wrote for us about the first half of the exchange! Looking forward to following Diarmuid on his adventure in Spain!


Diarmuid’s Story
We are currently 5 weeks into a 9 week exchange and I personally think it is going great. I think it is going well because Andoni and I were matched really well, we even look alike!! We also have the same interests; for the most part. We both enjoy video games and soccer. When Andoni came I introduced him to my hobbies, kickboxing and rugby and we took up a new hobby, yoga. Andoni seemed to really enjoy kickboxing and yoga, however he really did not like rugby. Luckily we found him a soccer team for him to train with. Andoni is doing really well in school, he has made friends and is doing very well in his subjects. At first he seemed very shy but now he has completely opened up.

Andoni’s story
We are in the 5th week into a 9 week exchange and for me, for the moment, the exchange is going better than I thought. It is going really good. Diarmuid and I get along because we have mostly the same hobbies, we both like video games or Star Wars for example. The Irish family is very good with me and that makes me feel more comfortable. I am shy but I think with the time I opened up and it’s more easy to speak with the family now.

In Ireland I started doing a lot more new activities. I started yoga, I like yoga and I think it’s good to relax. I do kickboxing, my favourite activity, I don’t know why but I really like it. I started rugby too but I don’t like it very much. I think I do very well in school, I make a lot of new friends and I have a 100% in science test!!! Finally I would like to thank Enda, Siobhán, Tomás and Diarmuid and Cú (the dog) who helped me overcome my little fear of dogs.

Having a language exchange pupil has many immediate and long-term benefits. There is the fun that is generated around various words, the different sounds and most of all watching the children trying to explain things using a variety of gestures, sign language and other often hilarious means.

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In doing a student exchange with us, you will travel and improve your Spanish, French or German. Living abroad will develop your skills in speaking, reading, and writing, immersion will assist you to explore the culture through traditional food, dance, history, music, media and much more! You will become a member of a new International Family!

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