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Aventuro Ireland

Welcome to Aventuro Ireland, the Irish representative of the International team of Aventuro.Org a non profit organisation formed in Germany with decades of experience in International Reciprocal exchanges for children and teenagers.

We support 10-18 year olds who want to travel abroad with 1 to 6 month exchanges, helping them develop confidence and independence while mastering a language.

We support and encourage Irish children and teenagers develop life skills through reciprocal exchanges across the globe!

About Sinéad

Sinead at Rusheen Bay Watersports doing kayaking and stand up paddling with her international students this summer.

Sinead at Rusheen Bay Watersports doing kayaking and stand up paddling with her international students this summer.

Sinéad Muldoon heads up the Irish Education Academy which runs Aventuro Ireland, and has a background in Hospitality and Tourism from the University of Ulster, Magee College, Co. Derry. Her degree is complemented by qualifications in Childhood Development. She has also studied Community and Family Studies at the National University of Ireland in Galway. She is a qualified TEFL & CELTA teacher.

From the city of the tribes, Galway, Sinéad and her siblings were raised in a bilingual home, as her Mom was from the Gaeltacht in Donegal. She loves the Irish language and subsequently taught Irish for many years to preschool children. She studied French at secondary school and like many Irish students; found this difficult to grasp, especially the speaking and comprehension. In order to help her master the French language, she was sent to France for the summer.

Travelling alone at 14 years of age in 1989 to France for her summer school holidays, living with a French family, Sinéad knows the emotions and the reality relating to taking such a huge leap out of your comfort zone and being so young.  She also knows it was the first major step in shaping her amazing future, giving her the confidence, independence and self belief that set her apart from her peers. It introduced and gave her a love of travel and languages that stand to her today in her success and her current role as a market leader in international education in Ireland.

Who We Are: The Aventuro Team

All our mem­bers all are par­ents of chil­dren who have already par­tic­i­pated in inter­na­tional exchange pro­grams.

Helga: Originally from Germany, Helga has four children and one grandchild. She has over 30 years of experience working with families on exchanges. Luckily for us here in Ireland, Helga has lived in Ireland in Co Cork so she knows all about us and this helps so much when making the matches with families!

MarieAlix & Cathy: MarieAlix is the leader of the French team, with years of experience as a language teacher in France. She fully understands and appreciates that the best way to become fluent is immersion! She also has four children; all her children have done exchanges in Spain, Germany, Ireland, USA and even New Zeland! MarieAlix owns a Mobilteen, which is an International Education business which helps hundreds of French children travel the word improving their linguistic development.

Cathy is also from France and has two children. She is also involved with Mobilteen. Both her children have done exchanges to Spain, Germany and the USA. Cathy has travelled the world herself and is great with settling in our Irish children in France!

Ximena is from Uruguay, lived in Argentina and now resides in Spain. She has over 15 years experience on exchanges with Spanish families. She has two twin girls who have been exchanging around the globe since they were ten years old.

Patrick & Paul: Patrick has an educational background and now works in International Education in Canada. They provide many opportunities to Canadian children and young adults to travel the globe while styding in schools and colleges.

Paul is Canadian and also has an educational background. He was a teacher before becoming involved in International Education.

Joanie: The latest member of the team has a huge love for Ireland and has visited many times. Joanie has a background in administration and education. She is eager to have some children from the states exchange with Irish children. With grown up sons she wished they had had the opportunity to come and immerse in Ireland when they were younger.

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